Trust iPulse (EMR)

iPulse Clinic Management Software

TRUST iPULSE is an electronic medical record (emr) software for managing clinic / hospital in an automated and efficient way of managing clinic with options like Doctor's appointments, medical billing, patient’s treatment history, diagnostics information, insurance, eClaim, eRx, inventory, equipment / asset, human resource(hr), pharmacy, quality control and other administrative activities..

TRUST iPULSE is ideal for a clinic with single or multiple locations, single/multiple doctors. It was developed keeping small & medium polyclinics and specialist doctors in mind. Hence the emphasis was mainly on the ease of use and portability.

TRUST iPULSE covers most of the standard features of a clinic management software, it was developed considering the end user in mind. Ease of use, speed in retrieving information, multi-user functionality and manageability are exemplary compared to other applications.


Unique Features

  • Multi Branch/ Multi Departments / Multi Users / Multi Currency
  • User Friendly Graphical Interface
  • Reminder For Scheduled Follow-Ups Alerts
  • Home Screen With Scheduled Follow-Ups Alerts
  • Graphical Representation of Doctor Schedule
  • Nursing Station
  • Flexible Search for Appointments: Doctor/Department/Patient Wise
  • Flexible Search by Mobile No
  • Customizable Reports
  • Predefined and Definable Diagnosis List and Complaints
  • Automated Email for Intimating / Alerting Scheduled Visits to Doctor & Patient
  • Flexible Search for Existing Patients
  • Capturing of Allergies During Registration
  • Full View of Previous Visit History of the Patient
  • Scanning of Documents
  • Additional Customization on Request

Key Modules

OP Registration
Treatment Follow-ups with Alert
& Reminder Facility
& Credential Management

Patient Management

  • A comprehensive patient data is collected using this module.
  • Patient Insurance Information
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Blood Group, Height, Weight, Dependents etc.
  • Allergy Management

Doctors Management

  • Doctor's Contact Information
  • Specialisation / Department
  • Doctor’s Schedule
  • Doctor’s Commission


  • Stores complete patient data
  • Information at the press of a mouse-click
  • Information availability across departments.
  • Safe Storage of data
  • Barcode Integration
  • Billing of patients
  • Maintenance of Tariffs
  • Easy retrieval of History information
  • Report Layout Designer
  • Data Analysis Tool
  • Dental Examination
  • Audit Trail
  • Insurance Claim
  • Insurance Claim Reconciliation


Appointment Details

  • Date Wise / Department Wise / Doctor Wise / Shift Wise


  • Patient Consultation History
  • Diagnosis and Treatment History
  • Detailed Profile with Photograph
  • Gender / Blood Group /Area / Location / Allergy / Age Group Report & Search

Doctor / Department

  • Doctors Activity and Appointment Report
  • Doctor’s Patient List
  • Department’s Activity Report
  • Department’s Patient List

Finance Reports

  • Doctor’s Collection Report
  • Department’s Collection Report
  • Date / Month / Quarterly Collection Report
  • Date Range: Bill / Invoice Report
  • Referred Doctor Commission / Fees

Data Analysis Tool

A unique data analysis & mining tool helps clinics in sorting, grouping, analyzing & filtering the records with multiple permutation and combinations. User can use simply the drag & drop facility in this feature to filter the records required by clinic.


Pharmacy Management

The Pharmacy Module deals with the maintenance of drugs and consumables in the hospital. The functions of this module include, online drug prescription, inventory management of drugs, consumables and sutures.

Employee & Payroll Management

Employee Management & Payroll Module is a comprehensive Payroll & employee document handling system ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking for advanced capabilities and HR integration. It’s simple and powerful time attendance and payroll processing module helps to control costs incurred on wastage of man hours due to costly manual attendance and payroll processing. This add-on module also covers employee documents handling like Passport / Visa / Work Permit / Health Card Management, Visit/Other Visa Management, Document Alerts Management etc.